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8EEAlexandre Gattiker, Leandro Hermida, Robin Liechti, Ioannis Xenarios, Olivier Collin, Jacques Rougemont, Michael Primig: MIMAS 3.0 is a Multiomics Information Management and Annotation System. BMC Bioinformatics 10: (2009)
7EEFrédéric Chalmel, Michael Primig: The Annotation, Mapping, Expression and Network (AMEN) suite of tools for molecular systems biology. BMC Bioinformatics 9: (2008)
6EEAlexandre Gattiker, Christa Niederhauser-Wiederkehr, James Moore, Leandro Hermida, Michael Primig: The GermOnline cross-species systems browser provides comprehensive information on genes and gene products relevant for sexual reproduction. Nucleic Acids Research 35(Database-Issue): 457-462 (2007)
5EELeandro Hermida, Olivier Schaad, Philippe Demougin, Patrick Descombes, Michael Primig: MIMAS: an innovative tool for network-based high density oligonucleotide microarray data management and annotation. BMC Bioinformatics 7: 190 (2006)
4EEGunnar Wrobel, Frédéric Chalmel, Michael Primig: goCluster integrates statistical analysis and functional interpretation of microarray expression data. Bioinformatics 21(17): 3575-3577 (2005)
3EELeandro Hermida, Sophie Brachat, Sylvia Voegeli, Peter Philippsen, Michael Primig: The Ashbya Genome Database (AGD) - a tool for the yeast community and genome biologists. Nucleic Acids Research 33(Database-Issue): 348-352 (2005)
2EEC. Wiederkehr, R. Basavaraj, Cyril Sarrauste de Menthière, R. Koch, U. Schlecht, Leandro Hermida, Benjamin Masdoua, R. Ishii, V. Cassen, M. Yamamoto, Christopher Lane, J. Michael Cherry, N. Lamb, Michael Primig: Database model and specification of GermOnline Release 2.0, a cross-species community annotation knowledgebase on germ cell differentiation. Bioinformatics 20(5): 808-811 (2004)
1 C. Wiederkehr, R. Basavaraj, Cyril Sarrauste de Menthière, Leandro Hermida, R. Koch, U. Schlecht, A. Amon, Sophie Brachat, Michael Breitenbach, Peter Briza, Sandrine Caburet, J. Michael Cherry, R. Davis, A. Deutschbauer, H. G. Dickinson, T. Dumitrescu, M. Fellous, A. Goldman, J. Anton Grootegoed, R. Scott Hawley, R. Ishii, B. Jégou, R. J. Kaufman, F. Klein, N. Lamb, B. Maro, K. Nasmyth, A. Nicolas, T. Orr-Weaver, Peter Philippsen, C. Pineau, K. P. Rabitsch, V. Reinke, H. Roest, W. Saunders, M. Schröder, T. Schedl, M. Siep, A. Villeneuve, Debra J. Wolgemuth, M. Yamamoto, D. Zickler, R. E. Esposito, Michael Primig: GermOnline, a cross-species community knowledgebase on germ cell differentiation. Nucleic Acids Research 32(Database-Issue): 560-567 (2004)

Coauthor Index

1A. Amon [1]
2R. Basavaraj [1] [2]
3Sophie Brachat [1] [3]
4Michael Breitenbach [1]
5Peter Briza [1]
6Sandrine Caburet [1]
7V. Cassen [2]
8Frédéric Chalmel [4] [7]
9J. Michael Cherry [1] [2]
10Olivier Collin [8]
11R. Davis [1]
12Philippe Demougin [5]
13Patrick Descombes [5]
14A. Deutschbauer [1]
15H. G. Dickinson [1]
16T. Dumitrescu [1]
17R. E. Esposito [1]
18M. Fellous [1]
19Alexandre Gattiker [6] [8]
20A. Goldman [1]
21J. Anton Grootegoed [1]
22R. Scott Hawley [1]
23Leandro Hermida [1] [2] [3] [5] [6] [8]
24R. Ishii [1] [2]
25B. Jégou [1]
26R. J. Kaufman [1]
27F. Klein [1]
28R. Koch [1] [2]
29N. Lamb [1] [2]
30Christopher Lane [2]
31Robin Liechti [8]
32B. Maro [1]
33Benjamin Masdoua [2]
34Cyril Sarrauste de Menthière [1] [2]
35James Moore [6]
36K. Nasmyth [1]
37A. Nicolas [1]
38Christa Niederhauser-Wiederkehr [6]
39T. Orr-Weaver [1]
40Peter Philippsen [1] [3]
41C. Pineau [1]
42K. P. Rabitsch [1]
43V. Reinke [1]
44H. Roest [1]
45Jacques Rougemont [8]
46W. Saunders [1]
47Olivier Schaad [5]
48T. Schedl [1]
49U. Schlecht [1] [2]
50M. Schröder [1]
51M. Siep [1]
52A. Villeneuve [1]
53Sylvia Voegeli [3]
54C. Wiederkehr [1] [2]
55Debra J. Wolgemuth [1]
56Gunnar Wrobel [4]
57Ioannis Xenarios [8]
58M. Yamamoto [1] [2]
59D. Zickler [1]

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