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11 Anna Persson, Henrik Grimm, Amos Ng: Metamodel-Assisted Global Search Using a Probing Technique. IMECS 2007: 83-88
10 Amos Ng, Henrik Grimm, Thomas Lezama, Anna Persson, Marcus Andersson, Mats Jägstam: Web Services for Metamodel-Assisted Parallel Simulation Optimization. IMECS 2007: 879-885
9EEBjörn Lundell, Anna Persson, Brian Lings: Learning Through Practical Involvement in the OSS Ecosystem: Experiences from a Masters Assignment. OSS 2007: 289-294
8EEMarcus Andersson, Henrik Grimm, Anna Persson, Amos Ng: A web-based simulation optimization system for industrial scheduling. Winter Simulation Conference 2007: 1844-1852
7 Anna Persson, Henrik Grimm, Amos Ng: Simulation-based optimisation using local search and neural network metamodels. Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing 2006: 178-183
6EEBjörn Lundell, Brian Lings, Anna Persson, Anders Mattsson: UML Model Interchange in Heterogeneous Tool Environments: An Analysis of Adoptions of XMI 2. MoDELS 2006: 619-630
5EEAnna Persson, Henrik Grimm, Amos Ng, Thomas Lezama, Jonas Ekberg, Stephan Falk, Peter Stablum: Simulation-based multi-objective optimization of a real-world scheduling problem. Winter Simulation Conference 2006: 1757-1764
4EEAnna Persson, Henrik Grimm, Amos Ng: On-line instrumentation for simulation-based optimization. Winter Simulation Conference 2006: 304-311
3EEPer M. Gustavsson, Anna Persson, Tomas Planstedt, Christoffer Brax, Madeleine Norstedt Larsson: Experiences from the annual 24-hour software engineering competition at University of Skövde: how to use simulation for detecting good software engineers. Winter Simulation Conference 2005: 25
2EEAnna Persson, Henrik Gustavsson, Brian Lings, Björn Lundell, Anders Mattsson, Ulf Ärlig: OSS tools in a heterogeneous environment for embedded systems modelling: an analysis of adoptions of XMI. ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 30(4): 1-4 (2005)
1EEDiana Africano, Sara Berg, Kent Lindbergh, Peter Lundholm, Fredrik Nilbrink, Anna Persson: Designing tangible interfaces for children's collaboration. CHI Extended Abstracts 2004: 853-868

Coauthor Index

1Diana Africano [1]
2Marcus Andersson [8] [10]
3Ulf Ärlig [2]
4Sara Berg [1]
5Christoffer Brax [3]
6Jonas Ekberg [5]
7Stephan Falk [5]
8Henrik Grimm [4] [5] [7] [8] [10] [11]
9Henrik Gustavsson [2]
10Per M. Gustavsson [3]
11Mats Jägstam [10]
12Madeleine Norstedt Larsson [3]
13Thomas Lezama [5] [10]
14Kent Lindbergh [1]
15Brian Lings [2] [6] [9]
16Björn Lundell [2] [6] [9]
17Peter Lundholm [1]
18Anders Mattsson [2] [6]
19Amos Ng [4] [5] [7] [8] [10] [11]
20Fredrik Nilbrink [1]
21Tomas Planstedt [3]
22Peter Stablum [5]

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