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14 Ana Luiza Dias, Júnia Coutinho Anacleto Silva, Luciana M. Silveira, Rosângela Dellosso Penteado, Laís A. S. Meuchi: Aplying Colors based on Culture Knowledge to Motivate Collaboration on the Web. ICEIS (5) 2009: 27-33
13EEAna Luiza Dias, Júnia Coutinho Anacleto Silva, Luciana M. Silveira, Rosângela Dellosso Penteado: Formalizing motivational patterns based on colors and their cultural meanings for developing web applications. SAC 2009: 152-153
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1EERosangela Penteado, Fernão Stella R. Germano, Paulo Cesar Masiero: An Overall Process Based on Fusion to Reverse Engineer Legacy Code. WCRE 1996: 179-188

Coauthor Index

1Fernanda M. R. Alencar [10] [12]
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