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Coauthor Index

1Ali Afzali-Kusha [2] [10]
2Ahmad Akbari [1]
3Mohammad K. Akbari [2]
4Borhanuddin Mohd Ali [22]
5Esmail Amini [9]
6Morteza Ansarinia [24]
7Seyyed Amir Asghari [24]
8Mehdi Dehghan [8] [22]
9Sied Mehdi Fakhraie (Seid Mehdi Fakhraie) [10]
10Vali Fatemi [6]
11Behnam Ghavami [11] [12] [13] [14] [19] [21] [23]
12Amir Hossein Hadad [8]
13Bahman Javadi [2]
14Mohammad Khademi [24]
15Mehrshad Khosraviani [21]
16Atabak Mahram [17]
17Farhad Mehdipour [11]
18Arash Mehdizadeh [11]
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22Mahtab Niknahad [12] [14] [15]
23Hamid Noori [1]
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30Babak Sadeghian [6]
31Arash Saifhashemi [3]
32Kamran Saleh [4] [5] [7] [16]
33M. Salehi [10]
34Mehdi Sedighi [4] [5] [7]
35Shervin Sheidaei [1]
36Morteza Saheb Zamani [11]
37Sharareh Zamanzadeh [20]
38Hamid R. Zarandi [24]

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