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19EEYuki Fukuda, Michael D. Osterman, Michael G. Pecht: The impact of electrical current, mechanical bending, and thermal annealing on tin whisker growth. Microelectronics Reliability 47(1): 88-92 (2007)
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2EENinoslav Stojadinovic, Michael G. Pecht: In memory of D. Stewart Peck. Microelectronics Reliability 41(4): 481 (2001)
1EEMichael D. Osterman, Michael G. Pecht: Placement for reliability and routability of convectively cooled PWBs. IEEE Trans. on CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems 9(7): 734-744 (1990)

Coauthor Index

1Ken Ayers [8]
2B. Castillo [12]
3Jeremy Cunningham [10]
4Diganta Das [6]
5Abhijit Dasgupta II [10]
6David DeDonato [3]
7Daniel N. Donahoe [16]
8Tong Fang [15]
9Yuki Fukuda [19]
10Sanka Ganesan [16] [17] [18]
11Ali Hassanzadeh [3]
12C. Hillman [12]
13Seongdeok Hwang [7]
14Mohammadreza Keimasi [18]
15Leon Lantz [7]
16Sharon Ling [17]
17Isabel K. Lloyd [16]
18Michael D. Osterman [1] [10] [15] [19]
19Arun Ramakrishnan [6] [13]
20Bharatwaj Ramakrishnan [4]
21Peter Sandborn [4]
22Ninoslav Stojadinovic [2] [5] [9]
23Dawn A. Thomas [8]
24Dinos Tsagos [10]
25Ricky Valentin [10]
26Jingsong Xie [3] [14]
27Ping Zhao [11]

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