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1EEErzsébet Merényi, Scott A. Starks, Karen Villaverde: Hyper-Spectral Satellite Images: Interval Methods May Be Helpful. Reliable Computing 4(4): 395-397 (1998)

Coauthor Index

1Michael Biehl [12]
2Jörg Bruske [4]
3Emilio Corchado [5]
4William H. Farrand [7]
5Colin Fyfe [5]
6William M. Grundy [18]
7Barbara Hammer [6] [14]
8Abha Jain [8] [9] [13]
9Donald MacDonald [5]
10Michael J. Mendenhall [15]
11Fabrice Rossi [12]
12Frank-Michael Schleif [14]
13Udo Seiffert [16]
14Scott A. Starks [1]
15Kadim Tasdemir [10] [17]
16Philip Tracadas [7]
17Karen Villaverde [1]
18Thomas Villmann [6] [13] [14] [16]
19Eliot F. Young [18]
20Lili Zhang [11] [18]

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