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Coauthor Index

1Víctor Barrera [14] [15]
2Xavier Berjaga [13]
3David Bayona i Bru [11]
4Joan Brunet [15]
5Joan Colomer [2] [3] [4] [6] [10] [12]
6J. Colprim [6]
7Isabela Drummond [8]
8Francisco Gamero [3]
9Abbas Khosravi [10] [12]
10Beatriz López (Beatriz López Ibánez) [5] [7] [9] [14] [15]
11Toni Martinez [12]
12Juan Mora [3]
13Gabriel Olguin [11]
14Alvaro Pallares [13]
15Monique Polit [9]
16Carles Pous [2] [4] [15]
17Petia Radeva (Petia Radeva Ivanova) [7]
18Josep Lluís de la Rosa [1] [2]
19Jorge Sánchez [12] [14]
20Sandra Sandri [8]
21Judit Sanz [15]
22Silvia Suárez [5]
23Thierry Talbert [9]
24M. F. Teran [6]
25Raúl Vilcahuamán [1]
26Jordi Vitrià [7]
27Peter Warren [3]

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