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Coauthor Index

1Reda Alhajj [39]
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3Martyn Baker [20]
4Ebad Banissi [16] [39]
5Katy Börner [16]
6Antony Brown [8]
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10Gordon Clapworthy [16]
11Vince Cleaver [36]
12Marc Conrad [12] [23] [29]
13Andrew J. Cowell [39]
14Urska Cvek [39]
15Andrea Donafee [7] [9] [11]
16Camilla Forsell [39]
17David Foskett [36]
18Tim French [12] [23] [29]
19Georges G. Grinstein [39]
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21Liang Guo [17]
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26Helen Jacobs [18] [30]
27Glyn James [34]
28Mikael Jern [39]
29Daming Jiang [37]
30Huan Jin [10]
31Jimmy Johansson [39]
32Wojtek J. Krzanowski (Wojtek Janusz Krzanowski) [33]
33Dayou Li [35] [37]
34Ru Li [36]
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36Beisheng Liu [37]
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