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165Zhuchang Xia [128]
166Nong Xiao [122] [124] [125] [126]
167Kai Xing [49] [77] [80] [104] [112]
168Yuansheng Xing [84] [85]
169Dan Yang [117]
170Guangxin Yang [48]
171Jin-Rong Yang [114]
172Jun-Jie Yang [56] [58]
173Xiao-hui Yang [30]
174Li Yao [14]
175Devaka V. Yasaratne [40]
176Jianping Yin [23] [24]
177R. Yokoyama [103]
178Clement T. Yu [4] [6] [8] [43] [51] [100]
179Wei Zhang [100]
180Wei Ming Zhang [14]
181Yijing Zhang [127]
182Jianyin Zhao [69] [76]
183Li Zhao [90]
184Yingjie Zhao [126]
185Ludi Zheng [48]
186Weicai Zhong [9] [10]
187Jian-Zhong Zhou [56] [58]
188Jianzhong Zhou [115] [116]
189Xinghai Zhou [85]
190Zhiyu Zhou [48]
191Shaohua Zhu [108]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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