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112P. S. Thiagarajan [157]
113Domonkos Tikk [132]
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115Giuseppe A. Trunfio [149]
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117Anna Tsykin [151]
118Alexander Tuzhilin [51] [145]
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121Lipo Wang [85] [87] [103] [106]
122P. Wang [10]
123Qian Wang [118]
124Xueping Wang [118]
125Zhibin Wang [111]
126Zhihui Wang [116] [117] [119] [121] [122]
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128Michael Weeks [82]
129Ouri Wolfson [46]
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135Wanxia Xie [82]
136Chu Xu [28]
137Jianjun Xu [121]
138Yongsheng Xue [112]
139Genxing Yang [109]
140Qiang Yang [92] [143]
141Xiaoming Yang [109] [111] [122]
142Roland H. C. Yap [15]
143Lan Yi [49] [50] [62] [64]
144Clement T. Yu [46]
145Jian She Yu [48]
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147Yong Yu [126]
148Wei Zang [149]
149Alexander Zelikovsky [82]
150Yanhong Zhai [61] [73] [98] [101] [102] [115] [129] [133]
151Chengqi Zhang [92]
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163Chi Zhou [156]
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165Jiaju Zhou [91]
166Jian Zhou [149]
167Zhi-Hua Zhou [143]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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