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68Jun Han [294]
69Yingjuan Hao [224]
70Robert Heckman [207] [240]
71Terri Hedgpeth [313]
72Babak Hojabri [149]
73Adele E. Howe [186] [263]
74James Howison [160] [208] [228] [240]
75Xiaoyong Hu [128]
76Yih-Chun Hu [295] [303]
77Yu Hu [131] [152] [200] [204] [244]
78Liusheng Huang [11] [17] [187] [191] [271] [279] [314]
79Shi-Ming Huang [97]
80Xiaodong Huang [90]
81Xuedong Huang [268]
82Patrick C. K. Hung [120] [199] [227] [230]
83Marta Indulska [256]
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86Yun Jin [220] [222] [305]
87Hong-Bae Jun [237]
88Eleanna Kafeza [82]
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90Bo-Yeong Kang [165] [166] [182] [220] [222] [305]
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92Daisuke Kawahara [179]
93Alex Chia-Yee Kean [9]
94Danny Kilis [48]
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97Ji-Sun Kim [181]
98Jinsoo Kim [126]
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101Ju Yeon Kim [180]
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108Sadao Kurohashi [179]
109Irene S. Y. Kwan (Irene S. Y. Kwan Lau) [16] [34] [38]
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112Dik Lun Lee [9]
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114Ken C. K. Lee [306] [316]
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116Sungyoung Lee [210]
117Wang-Chien Lee [306] [316]
118Young-Koo Lee [210]
119Yan Leng [231]
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123Howard Leung [301] [319]
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125Canqiang Li [274]
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136Gang Liang [253]
137Yan Liang [292]
138Baoping Lin [201] [246] [278] [314]
139An Liu [187] [191] [247] [269] [270] [271] [279] [280] [314]
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144Junqiang Liu [148]
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148Xiaoli Liu [315]
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158Lang Mai [294]
159Edmund Hon Chung Mak [139]
160Hon Chung Mak [87]
161Dennis McLeod [1] [2] [3] [5] [7] [265] [300] [308]
162Xiaofeng Meng [188] [190] [192]
163Huaikou Miao [320]
164Toshihiro Murayama [179]
165Sung-Hyon Myaeng [151] [172] [220] [222] [229] [305]
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167Chong-Wah Ngo [159] [266]
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214Yong Tang [226]
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216Sven Till [85]
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219Stefan Vieweg [18]
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221Benjamin Wah [319]
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224Dingsheng Wan [154]
225Chang-Ji Wang [226]
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227Fei-Yue Wang [116]
228Guoren Wang [143]
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230Huiyuan Wang [231]
231Liping Wang [118] [129] [132] [168] [188] [190] [192] [262] [267] [281] [311]
232Min Wang [155]
233Nengchao Wang [61] [78]
234Qing Wang [121] [122] [251]
235Te-Hua Wang [258]
236Xiaoyang Sean Wang [322]
237Yun Wang [274]
238Zengfeng Wang [231]
239Zhiliang Wang [243]
240Jianbin Wei [184]
241Kangning Wei [160] [208] [228]
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243Alan W. Williams [103]
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245Chadwick A. Wingrave [181]
246Allan K. Y. Wong [70] [147]
247Raymond K. Wong [15] [37]
248Fei Wu [252]
249Guoqing Wu [277]
250Wendan Wu [293]
251Xiao Wu [159] [266]
252Xiaojuan Wu [231]
253Xiaoli Wu [304]
254Yi Wu [68] [80]
255Yipu Wu [284] [302]
256Yu-Chi Wu [149]
257Beat Wüthrich [9]
258Limin Xiang [40]
259Mingjun Xiao [187] [247] [271]
260Tianyuan Xiao [169] [211] [213] [236] [251]
261Xue Xiao [207]
262Sijiang Xie [205] [206]
263Wei Xiong [17] [19]
264Cheng-Zhong Xu [184]
265Dafeng Xu [169] [211] [212] [213] [237]
266Qi Yan [298]
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269Lu Yang [40]
270Shuyuan Yang [155] [196]
271Yu Yang [156] [197] [219] [267]
272Fan Ye [241] [272]
273Jun Ye [245] [254]
274Feng Yin [245]
275Huabei Yin [40] [48]
276Yixin Yin [243]
277Eric S. K. Yu [299]
278Minhao Yu [156]
279Qian Yu [233]
280Wei Yu [250]
281Yi Yu [289]
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283Xiaoru Yuan [273]
284Xiaoyang Zeng [294]
285Jian Zhai [102] [109] [124] [136] [153] [161] [162] [194]
286Cha Zhang [319]
287HongJiang Zhang (Hong-Jiang Zhang) [95]
288Jinfei Zhang [111]
289Jing Zhang [283]
290Jingyu Zhang [253]
291Qi Zhang [133] [134]
292Tianqing Zhang [40]
293Xiangrong Zhang [209]
294Yanchun Zhang [60] [79] [256]
295Yi Zhang [128]
296Yingchun Zhang [205]
297Zhigang Zhang [171]
298Baohua Zhao [242] [286] [296]
299Jia Zhao [294]
300Jianmin Zhao [248] [259] [300]
301Li Zhao [277] [315]
302Meiyuan Zhao [295] [303]
303Ruilian Zhao [238]
304Xiaohui Zhao [256]
305Baihua Zheng [276] [306] [307] [309] [316]
306Chuguang Zheng [61] [78]
307Nanning Zheng [115] [116] [127]
308Shaohui Zheng [177]
309Jian Zhou [135] [169] [211] [212] [213] [236] [251]
310Xiaobo Zhou [184]
311Xiaofang Zhou [93] [322]
312Xuan Zhou [135] [185] [236]
313Qiao-Ming Zhu [322]
314Xinzhong Zhu [248] [259]
315Zhiting Zhu [128]
316Yi Zhuang [215] [234] [252] [285] [289] [318]
317Yueting Zhuang [63] [65] [66] [68] [74] [80] [83] [84] [89] [91] [104] [114] [144] [156] [170] [173] [215] [225] [234] [252] [289]
318Hai Zhuge [310] [312]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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