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1Lina Cao [13]
2Nanbin Cao [13]
3Ying Chen [10] [11] [21]
4Lei Huang [11] [22]
5Guangshen Luo [18]
6Cheng Minteh [1]
7Peter J. Olver [17]
8Gerald Sommer [17]
9Fuchun Sun [16]
10Weikun Sun [13] [19]
11Zengqi Sun [16]
12Xiaojin Tang [18]
13Jiading Wang [18]
14Quan Wang [11]
15Fengge Wu [16]
16Yihong Wu [4] [8] [9]
17Ronghua Xu [12]
18Ning Zhang [12]
19Lina Zhao [10] [11] [21]
20Li Zhou [23]

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