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51EELoet Leydesdorff: How are new citation-based journal indicators adding to the bibliometric toolbox? CoRR abs/0909.4457: (2009)
50EEDiana Lucio-Arias, Loet Leydesdorff: The dynamics of exchanges and references among scientific texts, and the autopoiesis of discursive knowledge. J. Informetrics 3(3): 261-271 (2009)
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47EELoet Leydesdorff, Yuan Sun: National and international dimensions of the Triple Helix in Japan: University-industry-government versus international coauthorship relations. JASIST 60(4): 778-788 (2009)
46EELeo Egghe, Loet Leydesdorff: The relation between Pearson's correlation coefficient r and Salton's cosine measure. JASIST 60(5): 1027-1036 (2009)
45EEStephen J. Bensman, Loet Leydesdorff: Definition and identification of journals as bibliographic and subject entities: Librarianship versus ISI Journal Citation Reports methods and their effect on citation measures. JASIST 60(6): 1097-1117 (2009)
44EELoet Leydesdorff: How are new citation-based journal indicators adding to the bibliometric toolbox? JASIST 60(7): 1327-1336 (2009)
43EELoet Leydesdorff, Carole Probst: The delineation of an interdisciplinary specialty in terms of a journal set: The case of communication studies. JASIST 60(8): 1709-1718 (2009)
42EEIsmael Rafols, Loet Leydesdorff: Content-based and algorithmic classifications of journals: Perspectives on the dynamics of scientific communication and indexer effects. JASIST 60(9): 1823-1835 (2009)
41EELoet Leydesdorff, Caroline S. Wagner: International collaboration in science and the formation of a core group. J. Informetrics 2(4): 317-325 (2008)
40EELoet Leydesdorff: On the normalization and visualization of author co-citation data: Salton's Cosine versus the Jaccard index. JASIST 59(1): 77-85 (2008)
39EELoet Leydesdorff: Patent classifications as indicators of intellectual organization. JASIST 59(10): 1582-1597 (2008)
38EELoet Leydesdorff, Thomas Schank: Dynamic animations of journal maps: Indicators of structural changes and interdisciplinary developments. JASIST 59(11): 1810-1818 (2008)
37EEDiana Lucio-Arias, Loet Leydesdorff: Main-path analysis and path-dependent transitions in HistCiteTM-based historiograms. JASIST 59(12): 1948-1962 (2008)
36EELoet Leydesdorff: Caveats for the use of citation indicators in research and journal evaluations. JASIST 59(2): 278-287 (2008)
35EELoet Leydesdorff, Ping Zhou: Co-word analysis using the Chinese character set. JASIST 59(9): 1528-1530 (2008)
34EERonald N. Kostoff, J. Antonio del Río, Héctor D. Cortés, Charles Smith, Andrew Smith, Caroline S. Wagner, Loet Leydesdorff, George Karypis, Guido Malpohl, Rene Tshiteya: Clustering methodologies for identifying country core competencies. J. Information Science 33(1): 21-40 (2007)
33EELoet Leydesdorff: Visualization of the citation impact environments of scientific journals: An online mapping exercise. JASIST 58(1): 25-38 (2007)
32EELoet Leydesdorff: Should co-occurrence data be normalized? A rejoinder. JASIST 58(14): 2411-2413 (2007)
31EEPing Zhou, Loet Leydesdorff: A comparison between the China Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations Database and the Science Citation Index in terms of journal hierarchies and interjournal citation relations. JASIST 58(2): 223-236 (2007)
30EELoet Leydesdorff: Betweenness centrality as an indicator of the interdisciplinarity of scientific journals. JASIST 58(9): 1303-1319 (2007)
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28EEDiana Lucio-Arias, Loet Leydesdorff: Knowledge emergence in scientific communication: from "fullerenes" to "nanotubes". Scientometrics 70(3): 603-632 (2007)
27EELoet Leydesdorff, Ping Zhou: Nanotechnology as a field of science: Its delineation in terms of journals and patents. Scientometrics 70(3): 693-713 (2007)
26EELoet Leydesdorff: Mapping interdisciplinarity at the interfaces between the Science Citation Index and the Social Science Citation Index. Scientometrics 71(3): 391-405 (2007)
25EEPing Zhou, Loet Leydesdorff: The citation impacts and citation environments of Chinese journals in mathematics. Scientometrics 72(2): 185-200 (2007)
24EELoet Leydesdorff, Stephen J. Bensman: Classification and powerlaws: The logarithmic transformation. JASIST 57(11): 1470-1486 (2006)
23EELoet Leydesdorff, Liwen Qiu Vaughan: Co-occurrence matrices and their applications in information science: Extending ACA to the Web environment. JASIST 57(12): 1616-1628 (2006)
22EELoet Leydesdorff: Can scientific journals be classified in terms of aggregated journal-journal citation relations using the Journal Citation Reports? JASIST 57(5): 601-613 (2006)
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15EEPaul Wouters, Iina Hellsten, Loet Leydesdorff: Internet time and the reliability of search engines. First Monday 9(10): (2004)
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13EELoet Leydesdorff: Top-down decomposition of the Journal Citation Reportof the Social Science Citation Index: Graph- and factor-analytical approaches. Scientometrics 60(2): 159-180 (2004)
12EELoet Leydesdorff: Rejoinder to Van den Besselaar's letter entitled Descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, rhetorical statistics. JASIST 54(11): 1077-1078 (2003)
11EELoet Leydesdorff: Empirical evidence of self-organization? A rejoinder. JASIST 54(8): 804 (2003)
10EECaroline S. Wagner, Loet Leydesdorff: Seismology as a dynamic, distributed area of scientific research. Scientometrics 58(1): 91-114 (2003)
9EELoet Leydesdorff, Martin Meyer: The Triple Helix of university-industry-government relations. Scientometrics 58(2): 191-203 (2003)
8EELoet Leydesdorff: The mutual information of university-industry-government relations: An indicator of the Triple Helix dynamics. Scientometrics 58(2): 445-467 (2003)
7EELoet Leydesdorff: A sociological theory of communication: the self organization of the knowledge-based society. Inf. Res. 7(3): (2002)
6EELoet Leydesdorff: Dynamic and evolutionary updates of classificatory schemes in scientific journal structures. JASIST 53(12): 987-994 (2002)
5EELoet Leydesdorff: Technology and Culture: the Dissemination and the Potential 'Lock-in' of New Technologies. J. Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 4(3): (2001)
4 Loet Leydesdorff, Gaston Heimeriks: The self-organization of the European Information Society: The case of biotechnology. JASIST 52(13): 1262-1274 (2001)
3 Loet Leydesdorff: Why Words and Co-Words Cannot Map the Development of the Sciences. JASIS 48(5): 418-427 (1997)
2 Peter Van den Besselaar, Loet Leydesdorff: Mapping Change in Scientific Specialties: A Scientometric Reconstruction of the Development of Artificial Intelligence. JASIS 47(6): 415-436 (1996)
1 Peter Van den Besselaar, Loet Leydesdorff: Research Performance in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: An International Comparison. AI Commun. 6(2): 83-91 (1993)

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1Stephen J. Bensman [24] [45]
2Peter Van den Besselaar [1] [2]
3Jin Bihui [20]
4Héctor D. Cortés [34]
5Leo Egghe [46]
6Gaston Heimeriks [4]
7Iina Hellsten [15] [21]
8Heung Deug Hong [16]
9George Karypis [34]
10Ronald N. Kostoff [34]
11Diana Lucio-Arias [28] [37] [50]
12Guido Malpohl [34]
13Martin Meyer [9] [29]
14Han Woo Park [16]
15Carole Probst [43]
16Ismael Rafols [42] [48]
17J. Antonio del Río [34]
18Thomas Schank [38]
19Andrew Smith [34]
20Charles Smith [34]
21Yuan Sun [47]
22Virginia Trimnle [18]
23Rene Tshiteya [34]
24Liwen Qiu Vaughan [23]
25Peter Vinkler [18]
26Caroline S. Wagner [10] [34] [41] [49]
27Paul Wouters [15]
28Ping Zhou [17] [25] [27] [31] [35]

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