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1 Jongmin Lee, Yongyi Yang, Miles N. Wernick: A New Approach for Image-Content Adaptive Mesh Generation. ICIP 2000

Coauthor Index

1Seongjun Ahn [9]
2Eujoon Byun [15]
3Hojung Cha [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [10] [14]
4Jin-Young Choi [4]
5Jongmoo Choi [9] [15]
6Seong Gon Choi [11]
7Wan Choi [12]
8Yonghoon Choi [12]
9Rhan Ha [5] [6] [7] [8] [10] [14]
10Sang-Wook Han [13]
11Youngnam Han [12] [13]
12Choulseung Hyun [9]
13Seongkwu Jeon [8]
14Jin-Hwan Jeong [4]
15Seungmo Kim [12] [13]
16Sunghoon Kim [9]
17Taehoon Kim [13]
18Taehyun Kim [14]
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22Jongho Nang [4]
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24Jaehak Oh [2] [6]
25Byung-Joon Park [6]
26Hanmook Park [15]
27Sungyong Park [4]
28Won Ryu [11]
29Tai-Won Um [11]
30Miles N. Wernick [1]
31Yongyi Yang [1]
32Chuck Yoo [4]
33Myoungju Yu [11]

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