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99Yasuto Shirai [29]
100Yukari Shirota [18] [20] [21] [29]
101Seah Hock Soon (Hock Soon Seah) [119]
102Alexei Sourin [73]
103Wolfgang Straßer [18]
104Lining Sun [23]
105Chiew-Lan Tai [65]
106Junji Takagi [71]
107Shigeo Takahashi [39] [44] [58] [60] [63]
108Daniel Thalmann [56] [102]
109Shunichiro Tsurumi [18]
110Minoru Ueda [44]
111Nobuyuki Umezu [69]
112Carl Vilbrandt [111]
113Turlif Vilbrandt [111]
114Takao Wachi [18] [70]
115Jay-Louise Weldon [13]
116Michael J. Wozny [24]
117Geoff Wyvill [17]
118Kazunori Yamaguchi [11] [14]
119Tetsushi Yamamoto [25]
120Kazuaki Yamauchi [45]
121Li Yang [134]
122S. Bing Yao [12] [13]
123Hiroyuki Yoshida [26]
124Ying Yuan [23]
125Shûichi Yukita [68] [107]
126Bo Zhang [102]
127Christian H. H. Zheng [110]
128Jeffrey Z. J. Zheng [110]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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