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Coauthor Index

1Elisabeth Ahlsen [15]
2Jens Allwood [15]
3Norman I. Badler [14]
4Christian Werner Becker-Asano (Christian Werner Becker) [12] [22] [27]
5Kirsten Bergmann [19] [23] [29] [31] [34]
6Alexa Breuing [24]
7Hendrik Buschmeier [29]
8Nathan Cantelmo [18]
9Justine Cassell [11] [18]
10Nicolas Ech Chafai [18]
11Lars Gesellensetter [13]
12Dafydd Gibbon [21]
13Olaf Graeser [16]
14Karl Grammer [15]
15Dirk Heylen [28]
16Laura Hoffmann [33]
17W. Lewis Johnson [14]
18Bernhard Jung [1] [4] [7] [8]
19Michael Kipp [18]
20Nicole C. Krämer [13] [20] [26] [32] [33]
21Brigitte Krenn [14] [17]
22Anh Lam-chi [33]
23Marc Erich Latoschik [1] [4]
24Maurizio Mancini [18]
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31Astrid von der Pütten [26] [32]
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34Zsófia Ruttkay [18]
35Amir Sadeghipour [29] [30]
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