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35EEm. c. schraefel, Paul André, Ryen White, Desney Tan, Tim Berners-Lee, Sunny Consolvo, Robert Jacobs, Isaac S. Kohane, Christopher A. Le Dantec, Lena Mamykina, Gary Marsden, Ben Shneiderman, Peter Szolovits, Daniel J. Weitzner: Interacting with eHealth: towards grand challenges for HCI. CHI Extended Abstracts 2009: 3309-3312
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Coauthor Index

1Dominic J. Allocco [26]
2Paul André [35]
3Ling Bao [8]
4Alan H. Beggs [23]
5Riccardo Bellazzi [34]
6Tim Berners-Lee [35]
7Atul J. Butte [8] [9] [10] [11] [16] [18] [22] [23] [26] [30]
8Scott L. Carter [31]
9Sunny Consolvo [35]
10Christopher A. Le Dantec [35]
11Aron C. Eklund [31]
12Fulvia Ferrazzi [34]
13Hamish S. F. Fraser [6]
14Yutaka Fukuoka [33]
15Michael E. Greenberg [32]
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17X. Gu [12]
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19H. U. Häring [11]
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21Judith N. Haslett [23]
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24Robert Jacobs [35]
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31Martin Kreitman [14]
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33Winston Patrick Kuo [16]
34P. P. Le [3]
35Kyungjoon Lee [22]
36T. A. Libermann [12]
37Lena Mamykina [35]
38Voichita D. Marinescu [27] [29] [32]
39Gary Marsden [35]
40Neil McIntosh [7]
41Brigham H. Mecham [31]
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43Ashish Nimgaonkar [23]
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45Peter J. Park [18] [20] [28]
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49Alberto Riva [17] [25] [27] [29] [32]
50Despina Sanoudou [23]
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52Monica M. C. Schraefel (m. c. schraefel) [35]
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64M. F. White [11]
65Ryen W. White (Ryen White) [35]
66Cecily J. Wolfe [30]
67J. Ye [11]
68Byoung-Tak Zhang [28]

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