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Coauthor Index

1Irene Albrecht [9] [10]
2Jan Alexandersson [1]
3Nathan Cantelmo [8]
4Justine Cassell [8]
5Nicolas Ech Chafai [8]
6Marcela Charfuelan [11] [12]
7Nicolas Courty [13]
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13Sylvie Gibet [13]
14Ivan Gregor [19]
15Alexis Heloir [13] [21]
16Dirk Heylen [23]
17Jeffrey Hoyt [16]
18Kerstin H. Kipp [6] [9]
19Martin Klesen [2] [3] [4] [5]
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31Quan Nguyen [18]
32Anton Nijholt [22]
33Patrizia Paggio [23]
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35Catherine Pelachaud [8]
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38Travis Rose [16]
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50Wolfgang Wahlster [5]
51Herwin van Welbergen [8]
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