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10EEAthanasios P. Kalogeras, Konstantinos J. Charatsis, Ioannis Mourtos, Fotios Liotopoulos, George Asimakopoulos, Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos: Integrated real-time system for perishable freight transport management. ETFA 2008: 21-24
9EEKonstantinos J. Charatsis, Athanasios P. Kalogeras, Christos E. Alexakos, Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos, Joanna Iliopoulou Georgudaki: Aquaculture production quality certification model utilizing web semantics and wireless technologies. ETFA 2008: 70-73
8 John V. Gialelis, D. Karadimas, P. Chondros, Athanasios P. Kalogeras, Stavros A. Koubias, Dimitrios N. Serpanos: Web Services based Collaborative B2B e-commerce in the Oil Industry. ISCA PDCCS 2008: 61-67
7EELuca Ferrarini, Carlo Veber, Arndt Lüder, Jörn Peschke, Athanasios P. Kalogeras, John V. Gialelis, J. Rode, D. Wunsch, V. Chapurlat: Control Architecture for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems: the PABADIS'PROMISE approach. ETFA 2006: 545-552
6EEJohn V. Gialelis, Athanasios P. Kalogeras, A. Kaklis, Stavros A. Koubias: Collaborative Continuous Replenishment Planning Process Implementation Utilizing Web Services, Product Ontologies and Workflow Management Systems. ETFA 2006: 574-581
5EEAthanasios P. Kalogeras, John V. Gialelis, Christos E. Alexakos, Manos J. Georgoudakis, Stavros A. Koubias: Vertical integration of enterprise industrial systems utilizing web services. IEEE Trans. Industrial Informatics 2(2): 120-128 (2006)
4EEManos J. Georgoudakis, Athanasios P. Kalogeras, Christos E. Alexakos, Konstantinos J. Charatsis, Stavros A. Koubias: A holonic ontology-based multi-agent system for the distributed scheduling and monitoring of industrial processes. ETFA 2005
3EEJohn V. Gialelis, Athanasios P. Kalogeras, A. Kaklis, Stavros A. Koubias: RosettaNet-based implementation for a collaborative continuous replenishment planning model utilizing Web services and ontologies. ETFA 2005
2EEAggeliki S. Prayati, Athanasios P. Kalogeras, Kai Lorentz, Stavros A. Koubias: Engineering Tools to Support Interoperability in the Development Maintenance of Heterogeneous Distributed Real-Time Control Systems. ICDCS Workshops 2003: 48-
1EEMarcus Tangermann, Christian Schwab, Athanasios P. Kalogeras, Kai Lorentz, Aggeliki S. Prayati: Aspect-Orientation of Control Application Code for Distributed Automation Systems: The TORERO Approach. OTM Workshops 2003: 335-345

Coauthor Index

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