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11EEJakob Jonsson: Exact sequences for the homology of the matching complex. J. Comb. Theory, Ser. A 115(8): 1504-1526 (2008)
10EEJakob Jonsson: Hard Squares with Negative Activity and Rhombus Tilings of the Plane. Electr. J. Comb. 13(1): (2006)
9EEJakob Jonsson, Matthew J. B. Robshaw: Securing RSA-KEM via the AES. Public Key Cryptography 2005: 29-46
8EEJakob Jonsson: Optimal Decision Trees on Simplicial Complexes. Electr. J. Comb. 12: (2005)
7EEJakob Jonsson: Generalized triangulations and diagonal-free subsets of stack polyominoes. J. Comb. Theory, Ser. A 112(1): 117-142 (2005)
6EEJakob Jonsson: Simplicial Complexes of Graphs and Hypergraphs with a Bounded Covering Number. SIAM J. Discrete Math. 19(3): 633-650 (2005)
5EEJakob Jonsson: On the topology of simplicial complexes related to 3-connected and Hamiltonian graphs. J. Comb. Theory, Ser. A 104(1): 169-199 (2003)
4EEJakob Jonsson, Burton S. Kaliski Jr.: On the Security of RSA Encryption in TLS. CRYPTO 2002: 127-142
3EEJakob Jonsson: On the Security of CTR + CBC-MAC. Selected Areas in Cryptography 2002: 76-93
2EECraig Gentry, Jakob Jonsson, Jacques Stern, Michael Szydlo: Cryptanalysis of the NTRU Signature Scheme (NSS) from Eurocrypt 2001. ASIACRYPT 2001: 1-20
1EEJohan Håstad, Jakob Jonsson, Ari Juels, Moti Yung: Funkspiel schemes: an alternative to conventional tamper resistance. ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2000: 125-133

Coauthor Index

1Craig Gentry [2]
2Johan Håstad [1]
3Ari Juels [1]
4Burton S. Kaliski Jr. [4]
5Matthew J. B. Robshaw [9]
6Jacques Stern [2]
7Michael Szydlo [2]
8Moti Yung (Mordechai M. Yung) [1]

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