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1 Ellen Riloff, Rosie Jones: Learning Dictionaries for Information Extraction by Multi-Level Bootstrapping. AAAI/IAAI 1999: 474-479

Coauthor Index

1Eytan Adar [15] [21]
2Cory Barr [18] [26]
3Ben Carterette [18] [22]
4Gaël Dias [9]
5Fernando Diaz [8] [19] [25]
6Georges Dupret [29]
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9Wiley Greiner [14] [18]
10Ahmed Hassan [25]
11Xiaofei He [20]
12Pradhuman Jhala [24]
13Kristina Lisa Klinkner [17] [28]
14Ravi Kumar (S. Ravi Kumar) [23] [27]
15Giridhar Kumaran [12]
16Bing Liu [17]
17Omid Madani [11] [12] [13] [14]
18Donald Metzler [30]
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31Laura Mayfield Tomokiyo [5]
32Olga Vechtomova [9]
33Ruiqiang Zhang [30]
34Wei Vivian Zhang [16] [20] [24]

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