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1 David T. Jones, William R. Taylor, Janet M. Thornton: The rapid generation of mutation data matrices from protein sequences. Computer Applications in the Biosciences 8(3): 275-282 (1992)

Coauthor Index

1Khalid Belhajjame [21]
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8Carole A. Goble [21]
9N. Goldman [3]
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11Simon J. Hubbard [21]
12Philip Jones [21]
13Mike Joy [5] [8]
14Antonis Koussounadis [26]
15William B. Langdon [12]
16Pietro Liò [3]
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18Michael Luck [5] [8]
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28Alexandra Poulovassilis [21]
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32Jennifer A. Siepen [21]
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34Søren-Aksel Sørensen [11] [14]
35Robert Stevens (Robert D. Stevens) [21]
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42Lorenz Wernisch [15]
43Lucas Zamboulis [21]

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