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Coauthor Index

1Ying Chan [15]
2Chih-Kai Chang [36]
3Jun-Ming Chen [14] [16] [23]
4Yen-Jung Chen [22]
5Chuang-Kai Chiou [35]
6Carol H. C. Chu [14]
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8Jia-Lin Hsiao [9]
9Ching-Kun Hsu [36]
10Shu-Hsien Huang [31]
11Shu-Xian Huang [24]
12Susan Huang [25]
13Tony Cheng Kui Huang [11] [13]
14Yu-San Huang [7]
15Yueh-Min Huang [25]
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33Tzu-Chi Yang [32] [33] [34]
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