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15EEIftach Haitner, Thomas Holenstein: On the (Im)Possibility of Key Dependent Encryption. TCC 2009: 202-219
14EELiad Blumrosen, Thomas Holenstein: Posted prices vs. negotiations: an asymptotic analysis. ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce 2008: 49
13EEThomas Holenstein, Michael Mitzenmacher, Rina Panigrahy, Udi Wieder: Trace reconstruction with constant deletion probability and related results. SODA 2008: 389-398
12EEThomas Holenstein: Parallel repetition: simplifications and the no-signaling case. STOC 2007: 411-419
11EEThomas Holenstein: Pseudorandom Generators from One-Way Functions: A Simple Construction for Any Hardness. TCC 2006: 443-461
10EEThomas Holenstein: Parallel repetition: simplifications and the no-signaling case CoRR abs/cs/0607139: (2006)
9EEThomas Holenstein, Renato Renner: On the randomness of independent experiments CoRR abs/cs/0608007: (2006)
8EEThomas Holenstein, Renato Renner: One-Way Secret-Key Agreement and Applications to Circuit Polarization and Immunization of Public-Key Encryption. CRYPTO 2005: 478-493
7EEThomas Holenstein: Key agreement from weak bit agreement. STOC 2005: 664-673
6EEThomas Holenstein, Ueli M. Maurer, Johan Sjödin: Complete Classification of Bilinear Hard-Core Functions. CRYPTO 2004: 73-91
5EEMatthias Fitzi, Thomas Holenstein, Jürg Wullschleger: Multi-party Computation with Hybrid Security. EUROCRYPT 2004: 419-438
4EEThomas Holenstein: Key Agreement from Weak Bit Agreement Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC)(102): (2004)
3EEMatthias Fitzi, Martin Hirt, Thomas Holenstein, Jürg Wullschleger: Two-Threshold Broadcast and Detectable Multi-party Computation. EUROCRYPT 2003: 51-67
2 Ming C. Hao, Umeshwar Dayal, Daniel Cotting, Thomas Holenstein, Markus H. Gross: Accelerated Force Computation for Physics-Based Information Visualization. VisSym 2003
1EEMatthias Fitzi, Daniel Gottesman, Martin Hirt, Thomas Holenstein, Adam Smith: Detectable byzantine agreement secure against faulty majorities. PODC 2002: 118-126

Coauthor Index

1Liad Blumrosen [14]
2Daniel Cotting [2]
3Umeshwar Dayal [2]
4Matthias Fitzi [1] [3] [5]
5Daniel Gottesman [1]
6Markus H. Gross [2]
7Iftach Haitner [15]
8Ming C. Hao [2]
9Martin Hirt [1] [3]
10Ueli M. Maurer [6]
11Michael Mitzenmacher [13]
12Rina Panigrahy [13]
13Renato Renner [8] [9]
14Johan Sjödin [6]
15Adam Smith [1]
16Udi Wieder [13]
17Jürg Wullschleger [3] [5]

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