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Coauthor Index

1Don S. Batory [26]
2David Benavides (David Felipe Benavides Cuevas) [25] [26]
3Yves Bontemps [3] [5] [6] [8] [9] [22]
4Andreas Classen [11] [22] [27] [31] [34]
5Antonio Ruiz Cortés [26]
6Eric Dubois [1] [21] [28]
7Vincent Englebert [18] [23]
8Nicolas Genon [23] [28]
9Martin Glinz [35]
10Sebastián González [17]
11Peter Haumer [2]
12Arnaud Hubaux [25] [31] [33]
13Matthias Jarke [2]
14Kyo Chul Kang [19] [30]
15Robin C. Laney [11]
16Raimundas Matulevicius [12] [15] [16] [21] [22] [23] [28] [29]
17Nicolas Mayer [15] [21] [28] [29]
18Kim Mens [17]
19Tom Mens [32]
20Andreas Metzger [14] [19] [30]
21Haralambos Mouratidis [28]
22Bashar Nuseibeh [11] [34]
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31Jean-Christophe Trigaux [6] [7] [9] [22]
32Thein Than Tun [11] [34]

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