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1EEMin Zhang, Guoqiang Li, Yuxi Fu, Zhizhou Zhang, Lin He: Representation of the Signal Transduction with Aberrance Using Ipi Calculus. CIS 2004: 477-485

Coauthor Index

1Kerong Ben [2]
2Wanjin Cai [4]
3Jian Chen [17]
4Wei Di [13]
5Xiaoju Dong [8]
6Zhupeng Dong [8]
7Guoyin Feng [15]
8Yuxi Fu [1] [7] [8]
9Wenlong Gao [16]
10Saleem A. Kassam [9] [14]
11Yongli Le [16]
12Guoqiang Li [1] [7]
13Haibo Li [5] [6]
14Wenxia Li [10] [11]
15Xiaoxia Li [16]
16Yongli Li [4] [5] [6]
17Yuanqing Li [13]
18Hongtao Lu [3]
19Heng Luo [17]
20Daniel O'Connor [15]
21Stanley Osher [12]
22Quan Pan [13]
23Yunfu Pang [2]
24Jing Qu [4]
25Trasapong Thaiupathump [9]
26Lei Wang [15]
27Ying Wang [15]
28Zhaocai Wang [10]
29Na Wei [2]
30Dongmei Xiao [10] [11]
31Qinghe Xing [17]
32Langlai Xu [18]
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34Lun Yang [17] [18]
35Linke Zhang [2]
36Min Zhang [1] [7]
37Zhizhou Zhang [1] [3] [7] [8]
38Shijian Zhu [2]

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