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Coauthor Index

1Chris van Aart [8]
2M. A. Abtroun [2]
3Paul Albuquerque [6]
4Jesús Arana [10]
5Frederic Armetta [12] [13] [17] [20]
6Boualem Benatallah [21] [23] [24]
7Salima Benbernou [21] [23] [24]
8Saïda Bouakaz [4]
9Fatima Boumghar [11]
10Rosanna Bova [21] [23] [24]
11Sven A. Brueckner (Sven Brueckner) [25]
12Cristiano Castelfranchi [16]
13H. Drias [22]
14Serge Fenet [3] [6]
15Noria Foukia [6] [7] [8]
16Emanuel Gonon [12]
17I. Halilali [22]
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31Ludovic Pithon [4]
32Yannick Prié [10]
33Omer F. Rana [8]
34Amjad Rattrout [18] [19] [26]
35Maya Rupert [18] [19] [26] [27]
36Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo [8] [16]
37Arnaud Stuber [14]
38Mihaela Ulieru [8]
39Paul Valckenaers [8]
40Daniel Yamins [25]

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