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1EEKeunyoung Kim, Hoon Kim, Youngnam Han: Subcarrier and power allocation in OFDMA systems. VTC Fall (2) 2004: 1058-1062

Coauthor Index

1Seung Chan Bang [9] [16]
2Kapseok Chang [3] [4] [7]
3Weston Chirwa [14]
4Wan Choi [21]
5Yonghoon Choi [20] [21]
6John M. Cioffi [17]
7Jeongseok Ha [7]
8Sang-Wook Han [12] [17] [22] [23]
9Jin-Yup Hwang [13] [15]
10Sungsoo Hwang [11]
11Sohaib Khan [14]
12Hoon Kim [1] [17]
13Il Gyu Kim [9] [16]
14Jongin Kim [5] [11]
15Keunyoung Kim [1] [6]
16Seokhun Kim [19]
17Seungmo Kim [21] [23]
18Sujung Kim [24]
19Taehoon Kim [18] [23] [24]
20Yeejung Kim [11] [24]
21Young Hoon Kim [7] [9] [16]
22Jayong Koo [2] [5]
23Koudjo Mawuefam Koumadi [14] [17] [20]
24Jongmin Lee [21] [23]
25Jung-Ryun Lee [6]
26Sang Hoon Lee [10]
27Tien-Dzung Nguyen [8]
28Jinyoung Oh [13] [15] [22]
29Jaehwi Shin [19]

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