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26EERuslan Sadreyev, Shuoyong Shi, David Baker, Nick V. Grishin: Structure similarity measure with penalty for close non-equivalent residues. Bioinformatics 25(10): 1259-1263 (2009)
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22EERuslan Sadreyev, Ming Tang, Bong-Hyun Kim, Nick V. Grishin: COMPASS server for homology detection: improved statistical accuracy, speed and functionality. Nucleic Acids Research 37(Web-Server-Issue): 90-94 (2009)
21EEJames O. Wrabl, Nick V. Grishin: Statistics of Random Protein Superpositions: p-Values for Pairwise Structure Alignment. Journal of Computational Biology 15(3): 317-355 (2008)
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19EEJimin Pei, Ming Tang, Nick V. Grishin: PROMALS3D web server for accurate multiple protein sequence and structure alignments. Nucleic Acids Research 36(Web-Server-Issue): 30-34 (2008)
18EEYuan Qi, Ruslan Sadreyev, Yong Wang, Bong-Hyun Kim, Nick V. Grishin: A comprehensive system for evaluation of remote sequence similarity detection. BMC Bioinformatics 8: (2007)
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12EEKira S. Makarova, Nick V. Grishin, Eugene V. Koonin: The HicAB cassette, a putative novel, RNA-targeting toxin-antitoxin system in archaea and bacteria. Bioinformatics 22(21): 2581-2584 (2006)
11EEIndraneel Majumdar, S. Sri Krishna, Nick V. Grishin: PALSSE: A program to delineate linear secondary structural elements from protein structures. BMC Bioinformatics 6: 202 (2005)
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4 David Mittelman, Ruslan Sadreyev, Nick V. Grishin: Probabilistic scoring measures for profile-profile comparison yield more accurate short seed alignments. Bioinformatics 19(12): 1531-1539 (2003)
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2 Vyacheslav N. Grishin, Nick V. Grishin: Euclidian space and grouping of biological objects. Bioinformatics 18(11): 1523-1534 (2002)
1 Jimin Pei, Nick V. Grishin: AL2CO: calculation of positional conservation in a protein sequence alignment. Bioinformatics 17(8): 700-712 (2001)

Coauthor Index

1David Baker [26]
2Wei Cai [13]
3Sara Cheek [8]
4Hua Cheng [20] [23]
5Bhadrachalam Chitturi [24]
6Krzysztof Ginalski [5]
7Vyacheslav N. Grishin [2]
8Marcin von Grotthuss [5]
9Bong-Hyun Kim [14] [15] [18] [20] [22] [23]
10Lisa N. Kinch [8] [13]
11Eugene V. Koonin [12]
12S. Sri Krishna [8] [10] [11] [17]
13Indraneel Majumdar [11] [17]
14Kira S. Makarova [12]
15David Mittelman [4]
16Jimin Pei [1] [3] [13] [15] [16] [19]
17Yuan Qi [7] [8] [18]
18Leszek Rychlewski [5]
19Ruslan Sadreyev [3] [4] [6] [9] [14] [18] [22] [25] [26]
20Shuoyong Shi [17] [24] [26]
21Ming Tang [14] [15] [19] [22]
22Yong Wang [18] [25]
23James O. Wrabl [21]
24Yi Zhong [17]

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