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Coauthor Index

1Björn Bartels [33]
2Jan Olaf Blech [8] [13] [14] [16] [19] [20] [24]
3Boris Boesler [6]
4Rolf Drechsler [23]
5Joachim Fellmuth [30]
6Simone Forster [18]
7Florian Friedemann [34]
8Rubino Geiß [6]
9Lars Gesellensetter [20] [25] [27] [29]
10Gerhard Goos [11]
11Thomas Göthel [33]
12Paula Herber [30] [34]
13Christine Hundt [31]
14Matthias Jäger [18]
15Stefan Jähnichen [26] [28]
16Moritz Kleine [33]
17Jens Knoop [23]
18Thomas Kolbe [2]
19Daphne Koller [1]
20Johannes Leitner [16] [24]
21Steffen Mülling [16]
22Barbara Paech [26] [28]
23Bernhard Rumpe [26] [28]
24Elke Salecker [27]
25Karl Stroetmann [4]
26Thomas Wetter [26] [28]
27Alfred Winter [26] [28]
28Wolf Zimmermann [3] [11] [12]

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