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1EEConcha Bielza, Sixto Ríos-Insua, Manuel Gómez: Influence Diagrams for Neonatal Jaundice Management. AIMDM 1999: 138-142

Coauthor Index

1Joaquín Abellán [12] [13] [14]
2Ramón Alonso-Allende [7]
3Concha Bielza [1] [2] [3] [6] [8]
4Luis M. de Campos [10]
5Andrés Cano [5] [9] [11] [14]
6Juan M. Fernández-Luna [10] [15]
7Osvaldo Graña [7]
8Juan F. Huete [10] [15]
9David de Juan [7]
10Juan A. Mantecón [4]
11Carlos J. Martín-Dancausa [15]
12Andrés R. Masegosa [13]
13Serafín Moral [9] [11] [13] [14]
14Florencio Pazos [7]
15Juan A. Fernández del Pozo [2] [3] [8]
16Sixto Ríos-Insua [1] [2]
17José Rodellar [4]
18Alfonso Valencia [7]

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