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Coauthor Index

1Jeff Alexander [5]
2Kenneth Baclawski [8] [10]
3M. J. Bailey [2]
4Michael P. Barnett [1] [2]
5Alberto Del Bimbo [7]
6Catherine M. Carriero [5]
7Chris Cieslik [16]
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9Judith Bayard Cushing (Judy Cushing) [7]
10Joseph M. Futrelle [5]
11Andrea Grimes (Andrea Elaina Grimes) [16] [17]
12Carole D. Hafner [10]
13Ramesh Jain [7]
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15Nikos Nikolakis [5] [12] [13]
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22Linda G. Shapiro [7]
23Steven L. Tanimoto [7]
24Xiaolan Zhang [11]

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