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12EELuca Ferrarini, Berit M. Verbist, Hans Olofsen, Filiep Vanpoucke, Johan H. M. Frijns, Johan H. C. Reiber, Faiza Admiraal-Behloul: Autonomous virtual mobile robot for three-dimensional medical image exploration: Application to micro-CT cochlear images. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 43(1): 1-15 (2008)
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10EEAlberto Elia, Luca Ferrarini, Carlo Veber: Analysis of Ethernet-based safe automation networks according to IEC 61508. ETFA 2006: 333-340
9EELuca Ferrarini, Carlo Veber, Arndt Lüder, Jörn Peschke, Athanasios P. Kalogeras, John V. Gialelis, J. Rode, D. Wunsch, V. Chapurlat: Control Architecture for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems: the PABADIS'PROMISE approach. ETFA 2006: 545-552
8EELuca Ferrarini, Carlo Veber: Control functions design and implementation of distributed automation systems for manufacturing applications. IJMR 1(4): 442-465 (2006)
7EELuca Ferrarini, Carlo Veber, G. Fogliazza: IEC 61499 implementation of a modular control model for manufacturing systems. ETFA 2005
6EELuca Ferrarini, Hans Olofsen, Johan H. C. Reiber, Faiza Admiraal-Behloul: A NeuroFuzzy Controller for 3D Virtual Centered Navigation in Medical Images of Tubular Structures. ICANN (2) 2005: 371-376
5EELuca Ferrarini, Hans Olofsen, Mark A. van Buchem, Johan H. C. Reiber, Faiza Admiraal-Behloul: Fully Automatic Shape Modelling Using Growing Cell Neural Networks. MICCAI (2) 2005: 451-458
4EELuca Ferrarini, Luca Bertelli, Jacob Feala, Andrew D. McCulloch, Giovanni Paternostro: A more efficient search strategy for aging genes based on connectivity. Bioinformatics 21(3): 338-348 (2005)
3EERoberto Cordone, Luca Ferrarini, Luigi Piroddi: Enumeration algorithms for minimal siphons in Petri nets based on place constraints. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part A 35(6): 844-854 (2005)
2EEMarcus Tangermann, Christian Schwab, Arndt Lüder, Luca Ferrarini, Carlo Veber: Encapsulation of IEC 61499 Function Blocks Using Real-Time Java According to the RTSJ. OTM Workshops 2004: 346-358
1EELuca Ferrarini, Luigi Piroddi: Modular design and implementation of a logic control system for a batch process. Computers & Chemical Engineering 27(7): 983-996 (2003)

Coauthor Index

1Faiza Admiraal-Behloul [5] [6] [12]
2Luca Bertelli [4]
3Mark A. van Buchem [5]
4Juliano S. A. Carneiro [11]
5V. Chapurlat [9]
6Emanuele Ciapessoni [11]
7Roberto Cordone [3]
8Alberto Elia [10]
9Jacob Feala [4]
10G. Fogliazza [7]
11Johan H. M. Frijns [12]
12John V. Gialelis [9]
13Athanasios P. Kalogeras [9]
14Arndt Lüder [2] [9]
15Andrew D. McCulloch [4]
16Hans Olofsen [5] [6] [12]
17Giovanni Paternostro [4]
18Jörn Peschke [9]
19Luigi Piroddi [1] [3]
20Simone Radaelli [11]
21Johan H. C. Reiber [5] [6] [12]
22J. Rode [9]
23Christian Schwab [2]
24Marcus Tangermann [2]
25Filiep Vanpoucke [12]
26Carlo Veber [2] [7] [8] [9] [10]
27Berit M. Verbist [12]
28D. Wunsch [9]

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