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1Andrew W. Appel [21] [24] [31] [32] [33]
2Pedro Barahona [38]
3David A. Basin [26]
4Ramesh Bharadwaj [14]
5Franck Binard [41] [45]
6Venanzio Capretta [34] [39] [42]
7Joëlle Despeyroux [13]
8Guillaume Dufay [37]
9Elsa L. Gunter [2] [5] [18]
10John Hannan [2]
11István T. Hernádvölgyi [34]
12André Hirschowitz [13]
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14Alan J. Martin [43]
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17Alberto Momigliano [43] [44] [46]
18Gopalan Nadathur [2]
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20Frank Pfenning [5]
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22Andre Scedrov [2]
23Bernard Stepien [42] [47]
24Frank A. Stomp [14] [19] [20]
25Laurent Théry [16]

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