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2EEAlan L. Yuille, Fang Fang, Paul R. Schrater, Daniel Kersten: Human and Ideal Observers for Detecting Image Curves. NIPS 2003
1EEQi Cheng, Fang Fang: Kolmogorov random graphs only have trivial stable colorings. Inf. Process. Lett. 81(3): 133-136 (2002)

Coauthor Index

1Xilin Chen [17]
2Qi Cheng [1]
3Xianzhong Dai [9]
4Jing Ding [11]
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12Xu Haitao [15]
13HaiRong Hu [19]
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17Zhiguo Ma [17]
18Weiyi Meng [20]
19Jun Miao [17]
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