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10EEAlexandre Evsukoff: Learning Fuzzy Rule Based Classifier with Rule Weights Optimization and Structure Selection by a Genetic Algorithm. FUZZ-IEEE 2007: 1-6
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Coauthor Index

1Bruno Kinder Almentero [9]
2Maria C. M. Alves [13]
3Antonio C. S. Branco [1] [3]
4Myrian C. A. Costa [5] [8] [12]
5Nelson F. F. Ebecken [4] [5] [7] [8] [11] [14]
6Sylvie Galichet [1] [3] [14]
7Carlos A. Gama [11]
8Sylviane Gentil [6]
9Beatriz S. L. P. de Lima [13] [14]
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12Carlos André R. Pinheiro [7]
13Roberto Schirru [2]
14Ian N. Vieira [13]
15P. Weber [11]

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