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24EEDanny Dig, John Marrero, Michael D. Ernst: Refactoring sequential Java code for concurrency via concurrent libraries. ICSE 2009: 397-407
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22EERobert L. Bocchino Jr., Vikram S. Adve, Danny Dig, Sarita V. Adve, Stephen Heumann, Rakesh Komuravelli, Jeffrey Overbey, Patrick Simmons, Hyojin Sung, Mohsen Vakilian: A type and effect system for deterministic parallel Java. OOPSLA 2009: 97-116
21EEDanny Dig, Mihai Tarce, Cosmin Radoi, Marius Minea, Ralph Johnson: Relooper: refactoring for loop parallelism in Java. OOPSLA Companion 2009: 793-794
20EEDanny Dig, Stas Negara, Vibhu Mohindra, Ralph Johnson: ReBA: refactoring-aware binary adaptation of evolving libraries. ICSE 2008: 441-450
19EEDanny Dig, Stas Negara, Vibhu Mohindra, Ralph Johnson: ReBA: a tool for generating binary adapters for evolving java libraries. ICSE Companion 2008: 963-964
18EEShay Artzi, Adam Kiezun, Julian Dolby, Frank Tip, Danny Dig, Amit M. Paradkar, Michael D. Ernst: Finding bugs in dynamic web applications. ISSTA 2008: 261-272
17EETudor Dumitras, Danny Dig, Iulian Neamtiu: 1st ACM workshop on hot topics in software upgrades (HotSWUp 2008). OOPSLA Companion 2008: 837-838
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1EEDanny Dig: Using refactorings to automatically update component-based applications. OOPSLA Companion 2005: 234-235

Coauthor Index

1Sarita V. Adve [22]
2Vikram S. Adve [22]
3Shay Artzi [18]
4Jan Becicka [13]
5Robert L. Bocchino Jr. [22]
6Ramón Cáceres [8]
7Can Comertoglu [10]
8Brett Daniel [12]
9Julian Dolby [18]
10Tudor Dumitras [17]
11Michael D. Ernst [18] [23] [24]
12Robert M. Fuhrer [16]
13Kely Garcia [12]
14William G. Griswold [13]
15Stephen Heumann [22]
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17Ralph E. Johnson [15]
18Markus Keller [13]
19Adam Kiezun [18]
20Rakesh Komuravelli [22]
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22Darko Marinov [10] [12]
23John Marrero [23] [24]
24Marius Minea [21]
25Vibhu Mohindra [19] [20]
26Oege de Moor [13]
27Iulian Neamtiu [17]
28Stas Negara [19] [20]
29Tien N. Nguyen [5] [6] [9] [11] [15]
30Jeffrey Overbey [22]
31Amit M. Paradkar [18]
32Cosmin Radoi [21]
33Andreas Schade [8]
34Patrick Simmons [22]
35Danny Soroker [8]
36Susan L. Spraragen [8]
37Hyojin Sung [22]
38Kunal Taneja [14]
39Mihai Tarce [21]
40Frank Tip [13] [18]
41Alpana Tiwari [8]
42Mohsen Vakilian [22]
43Tao Xie [14]

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