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17EEShunzhou Wan, Peter V. Coveney: A comparative study of the COX-1 and COX-2 isozymes bound to lipid membranes. Journal of Computational Chemistry 30(7): 1038-1050 (2009)
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13EEPeter V. Coveney, R. S. Saksena, Stefan J. Zasada, M. McKeown, Stephen Pickles: The application hosting environment: Lightweight middleware for grid-based computational science. Computer Physics Communications 176(6): 406-418 (2007)
12EES. Kashif Sadiq, Stefan J. Zasada, Peter V. Coveney: Grid Assisted Ensemble Molecular Dynamics Simulations of HIV-1 Proteases Reveal Novel Conformations of the Inhibitor Saquinavir. CompLife 2006: 150-161
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5EEShantenu Jha, Peter V. Coveney, Matt J. Harvey: SPICE: Simulated Pore Interactive Computing Environment. SC 2005: 70
4EEJens Harting, Jonathan Chin, M. Venturoli, Peter V. Coveney: Large-scale lattice Boltzmann simulations of complex fluids: advances through the advent of computational grids CoRR abs/cs/0501021: (2005)
3EEJens Harting, Matt J. Harvey, Jonathan Chin, Peter V. Coveney: Detection and tracking of defects in the gyroid mesophase. Computer Physics Communications 165(2): 97-109 (2005)
2EEShantenu Jha, Peter V. Coveney, Charles A. Laughton: Force field validation for nucleic acid simulations: Comparing energies and dynamics of a DNA dodecamer. Journal of Computational Chemistry 26(15): 1617-1627 (2005)
1EER. J. Blake, Peter V. Coveney, P. Clarke, Stephen Pickles: The TeraGyroid experiment - Supercomputing 2003. Scientific Programming 13(1): 1-17 (2005)

Coauthor Index

1R. J. Blake [1]
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3Jonathan Chin [3] [4]
4Gordon Clapworthy [15]
5P. Clarke [1]
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7P. Español [6]
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9John Fenner [15]
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11G. Giupponi [7]
12Hans Gregerson [15]
13Jens Harting [3] [4]
14Matt J. Harvey [3] [5] [8] [9] [11]
15D. Rodney Hose [15]
16Serge L. Van Sint Jan [15]
17Shantenu Jha [2] [5] [11] [14]
18George E. Karniadakis [14]
19Nicholas T. Karonis [14] [16]
20Owain Kenway [16]
21Peter Kohl [15]
22Charles A. Laughton [2]
23Patricia V. Lawford [15]
24Steven Manos [16]
25Marco Mazzeo [16]
26K. McCormack [15]
27M. McKeown [10] [13]
28Stephen Pickles [1] [9] [10] [13]
29D. Pinney [15]
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36Mary-Ann Thyveetil [11]
37Brian R. Toonen [16]
38M. Venturoli [4]
39Marco Viceconti [15]
40Shunzhou Wan [17]
41S. Waters [15]
42Stefan J. Zasada [10] [12] [13]

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