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Coauthor Index

1Vincent Aravantinos [34]
2Hicham Bensaid [32] [35]
3Christophe Bourely [19]
4Ramon Brena [3]
5Gilles Chaminade [6] [8]
6Stéphane Demri [12] [14] [15] [17]
7Rachid Echahed [31]
8Bertram Fronhöfer [2] [3]
9Christian Gresse [3]
10Michel Herment [11] [12] [15] [18] [20]
11Philippe Jacquet [2] [3]
12Philippe Jorrand [4]
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14Marie-Laure Potet [3]
15François Puitg [29]
16Gernot Salzer [30]
17Thierry Boy de la Tour [5] [6] [7] [8]
18Nicolas Zabel [9] [10] [11] [13]

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