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20EEAnna Carpenter Cavender, Jeffrey P. Bigham, Richard E. Ladner: ClassInFocus: enabling improved visual attention strategies for deaf and hard of hearing students. ASSETS 2009: 67-74
19EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Anna Cavender: Evaluating existing audio CAPTCHAs and an interface optimized for non-visual use. CHI 2009: 1829-1838
18EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Tessa A. Lau, Jeffrey Nichols: Trailblazer: enabling blind users to blaze trails through the web. IUI 2009: 177-186
17EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Ryan S. Kaminsky, Jeffrey Nichols: Mining web interactions to automatically create mash-ups. UIST 2009: 203-212
16EEYevgen Borodin, Jeffrey P. Bigham, Rohit Raman, I. V. Ramakrishnan: What's new?: making web page updates accessible. ASSETS 2008: 145-152
15EEShinya Kawanaka, Yevgen Borodin, Jeffrey P. Bigham, Darren Lunn, Hironobu Takagi, Chieko Asakawa: Accessibility commons: a metadata infrastructure for web accessibility. ASSETS 2008: 153-160
14EEJeremy T. Brudvik, Jeffrey P. Bigham, Anna Cavender, Richard E. Ladner: Hunting for headings: sighted labeling vs. automatic classification of headings. ASSETS 2008: 201-208
13EEShaun K. Kane, Jeffrey P. Bigham, Jacob O. Wobbrock: Slide rule: making mobile touch screens accessible to blind people using multi-touch interaction techniques. ASSETS 2008: 73-80
12EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Craig Prince, Richard E. Ladner: Addressing Performance and Security in a Screen Reading Web Application That Enables Accessibility Anywhere. ICWE 2008: 273-284
11EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Anna Cavender, Ryan S. Kaminsky, Craig Prince, Tyler Robison: Transcendence: enabling a personal view of the deep web. IUI 2008: 169-178
10EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Maxwell B. Aller, Jeremy T. Brudvik, Jessica O. Leung, Lindsay A. Yazzolino, Richard E. Ladner: Inspiring blind high school students to pursue computer science with instant messaging chatbots. SIGCSE 2008: 449-453
9EEYevgen Borodin, Jeffrey P. Bigham, Amanda Stent, I. V. Ramakrishnan: Towards one world web with HearSay3. W4A 2008: 130-131
8EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Craig Prince, Sangyun Hahn, Richard E. Ladner: WebAnywhere: a screen reading interface for the web on any computer. W4A 2008: 132-133
7EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Craig Prince, Richard E. Ladner: WebAnywhere: a screen reader on-the-go. W4A 2008: 73-82
6EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Craig Prince, Richard E. Ladner: Webanywhere: enabling a screen reading interface for the web on any computer. WWW 2008: 1159-1160
5EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Craig Prince: WebAnywhere: a screen reader on-the-go. ASSETS 2007: 225-226
4EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Anna Cavender, Jeremy T. Brudvik, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Richard E. Ladner: WebinSitu: a comparative analysis of blind and sighted browsing behavior. ASSETS 2007: 51-58
3EEJeffrey P. Bigham: Increasing web accessibility by automatically judging alternative text quality. IUI 2007: 349-352
2EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Richard E. Ladner: Accessmonkey: a collaborative scripting framework for web users and developers. W4A 2007: 25-34
1EEJeffrey P. Bigham, Ryan S. Kaminsky, Richard E. Ladner, Oscar M. Danielsson, Gordon L. Hempton: WebInSight: : making web images accessible. ASSETS 2006: 181-188

Coauthor Index

1Maxwell B. Aller [10]
2Chieko Asakawa [15]
3Yevgen Borodin [9] [15] [16]
4Jeremy T. Brudvik [4] [10] [14]
5Anna Cavender (Anna Carpenter Cavender) [4] [11] [14] [19] [20]
6Oscar M. Danielsson [1]
7Sangyun Hahn [8]
8Gordon L. Hempton [1]
9Ryan S. Kaminsky [1] [11] [17]
10Shaun K. Kane [13]
11Shinya Kawanaka [15]
12Richard E. Ladner [1] [2] [4] [6] [7] [8] [10] [12] [14] [20]
13Tessa A. Lau (Tessa Lau) [18]
14Jessica O. Leung [10]
15Darren Lunn [15]
16Jeffrey Nichols [17] [18]
17Craig Prince [5] [6] [7] [8] [11] [12]
18I. V. Ramakrishnan [9] [16]
19Rohit Raman [16]
20Tyler Robison [11]
21Amanda Stent [9]
22Hironobu Takagi [15]
23Jacob O. Wobbrock [4] [13]
24Lindsay A. Yazzolino [10]

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