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Coauthor Index

1Thomas A. Alspaugh [1]
2Annie I. Antón [1]
3Sabarish Babu [2] [5] [7]
4Ryan Shaun Joazeiro de Baker (Ryan Shaun Baker) [16]
5Jessica D. Bayliss [20]
6Joseph E. Beck (Joseph Beck) [16]
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8Lauren Cairco [11]
9Amanda Chaffin [8]
10Jamie Cromack [20]
11Marvin J. Croy [10] [14]
12Teresa A. Dahlberg [11]
13Michael Eagle [13] [19]
14L. Miguel Encarnação [17]
15Samantha L. Finkelstein [18]
16Alex Godwin [8]
17Lane Harrison [18]
18Neil Hefferman [9]
19Cecily Heiner [9]
20Larry F. Hodges [2] [5] [7]
21Raj Inugala [2]
22Lorrie Lehman [14]
23Bradford W. Mott [1]
24Andrea Nickel [18]
25Ian Parberry [4]
26Eve Powell [8] [11]
27Srinivasa Rao [2]
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29Audrey Rorrer [11]
30Stephen Schmugge [2] [5]
31Chris Shaw (Christopher D. Shaw) [17]
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33Evan A. Suma [7] [18]
34Mladen A. Vouk [3]
35Michael R. Wick [4]
36Ursula Wolz [4] [20]

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