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17EEPrasenjit Sarkar, Mary L. Bailey: Adapting the Network Interface for High-Performance Computing: The CNI Approach. The Journal of Supercomputing 11(2): 181-200 (1997)
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1 David Socha, Mary L. Bailey, David Notkin: Voyeur: Graphical Views of Parallel Programs. Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Debugging 1988: 206-216

Coauthor Index

1Bill Barnard [5]
2Jack V. Briner Jr. [12]
3Roger D. Chamberlain [12]
4Robert Cypher [5]
5Tony DeRose [5]
6David Dobrikin [5]
7Carl Ebeling [5]
8Bruce Forstall [2]
9Kevin Gates [2]
10Burra Gopal [14]
11Raymond Greenlaw [2]
12William G. Griswold [2]
13Thomas J. Holman [2]
14Smaragda Konstantinidou [5]
15Richard Korry [2]
16Gemini Lasswell [2]
17Edward D. Lazowska [6]
18Yi-Bing Lin (Jason Yi-Bing Lin) [6]
19Larry McMurchie [5]
20Robert Mitchell [2]
21Haim Mizrahi [5]
22Philip A. Nelson [2]
23David Notkin [1] [2] [3]
24Michael A. Pagels [7] [11] [14]
25Larry L. Peterson [14]
26Wilkey Richardson [15]
27William H. Sanders [15]
28Prasenjit Sarkar [14] [16] [17]
29Lawrence Snyder (Larry Snyder) [2] [4]
30David Socha [1] [2] [3]
31Shane Walker [13]
32Bill Yost [5]

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