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14EESugato Bagchi, Ching-Hua Chen-Ritzo, Sameer T. Shikalgar, Michael Toner: A full-factory simulator as a daily decision-support tool for 300MM wafer fabrication productivity. Winter Simulation Conference 2008: 2021-2029
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9EESugato Bagchi: Simulation of grid computing infrastructure: challenges and solutions. Winter Simulation Conference 2005: 1773-1780
8EEIndranil Bardhan, Sugato Bagchi, Ryan Sougstad: A Real Options Approach for Prioritization of a Portfolio of Information Technology Projects: A Case Study of a Utility Company. HICSS 2004
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1 Sugato Bagchi, N. Serdar Uckun, Yutaka Miyabe, Kazuhiko Kawamura: Exploring Problem-Specific Recombination Operators for Job Shop Scheduling. ICGA 1991: 10-17

Coauthor Index

1Lianjun An [13]
2Xue Bai [11]
3Indranil Bardhan [8]
4Gautam Biswas [3] [4] [6]
5Stephen J. Buckley [5]
6Steve Buckley [12]
7Ching-Hua Chen-Ritzo [14]
8Daniel Connors [13]
9Léa Amandine Deleris [12]
10Markus Ettl [5]
11Guillermo Gallego [7]
12William Grey [7]
13Eugene Hung [10]
14Arun Iyengar [10]
15Jayant Kalagnanam [11]
16Shubir Kapoor [12] [13]
17Kaan Katircioglu [7] [12] [13]
18Kazuhiko Kawamura [1] [2] [3] [4] [6]
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26Ryan Sougstad [8]
27Stavros Stefanis [7]
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30Norbert G. Vogl [10]
31Noshir Wadia [10]
32Wei Wang [13]
33Jing Xu [13]

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