S. A. M. Baert

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3EES. A. M. Baert, E. B. van der Kraats, Wiro J. Niessen: 3D Guide Wire Reconstruction from Biplane Image Sequences for 3D Navigation in Endovascular Interventions. MICCAI (1) 2002: 404-410
2EES. A. M. Baert, Wiro J. Niessen: 2D Guide Wire Tracking during Endovascular Interventions. MICCAI (2) 2002: 101-108
1 S. A. M. Baert, Wiro J. Niessen, Erik H. W. Meijering, Alejandro F. Frangi, Max A. Viergever: Guide Wire Tracking During Endovascular Interventions. MICCAI 2000: 727-734

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