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Coauthor Index

1David Abrams [17] [18]
2Jody Adams [47]
3Melanie Baran [34]
4Jeremy P. Birnholtz [34] [39] [43] [45]
5Sandra Black [46]
6Lillian Blume [40]
7Kellogg S. Booth [21] [38]
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9Rhys Causey [39]
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11Mark H. Chignell [18]
12Elizabeth F. Churchill [42]
13Wesley Clark [29]
14Andrew Cohen [11]
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33Simone Laughton [39]
34Jonathan Lewis [25] [27]
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70Patañjali S. Venkatacharya [47]
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72Peter Wolf [34] [39]
73Michael Wu [41]
74Mike Wu [24] [30] [43]
75Kelvin S. Yiu [16]
76Yuecheng Zhang [32]

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