M. Bachs

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3EEF. J. Luque, M. Bachs, C. Aleman, Modesto Orozco: Extension of MST/SCRF method to organic solvents: Ab initio and semiempirical parametrization for neutral solutes in CCl4. Journal of Computational Chemistry 17(7): 806-820 (1996)
2 Modesto Orozco, M. Bachs, F. J. Luque: Development of Optimized MST/SCRF Methods for Semiempirical Calculations: The MNDO and PM3 Hamilitonians. Journal of Computational Chemistry 16(5): 563-575 (1995)
1 F. J. Luque, M. Bachs, Modesto Orozco: An Optimized AM1/MST Method for the MST-SCRF Representation of Solvated Systems. Journal of Computational Chemistry 15(8): 847-857 (1994)

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