S. L. Bacharach

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2EEPatrick Brigger, S. L. Bacharach, Akram Aldroubi, Michael Unser: Segmentation of Gated SPECT Images for Automatic Computation of Myocardial Volume and Ejection Fraction. ICIP (2) 1997: 113-116
1 Irène Buvat, M. L. Bartlett, A. N. Kitsiou, J. M. Carson, G. Srinivasan, K. A. Nour, C. C. Chen, V. Dilsizian, S. L. Bacharach: Using Spatial-Temporal Images for Analysis of Gated Cardiac Tomographic Data: The "M-Mode" Revisited. IPMI 1997: 85-98

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