E. Baccarelli

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5 E. Baccarelli: Evaluation of the reliable data rates supported by multiple-antenna coded wireless links for QAM transmissions. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 19(2): 295-304 (2001)
4 E. Baccarelli, S. Galli: TCMs Matched to ISI Channels: New Results for Combined Symbol-by-Symbol Equalization and Decoding. ICC (2) 1997: 994-998
3 E. Baccarelli, R. Cusani, S. Galli: Novel analytical performance bounds for symbol-by-symbol decoding of digital-data impaired by ISI and AWGN. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 43(2): 744-750 (1997)
2 E. Baccarelli, R. Cusani, G. di Blasio: Recursive filtering and smoothing for reciprocal Gaussian processes-pinned boundary case. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 41(1): 334-337 (1995)
1 E. Baccarelli, R. Cusani: Linear feedback communication systems with Markov sources: optimal system design and performance evaluation. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 41(6): 1868-1876 (1995)

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