Hafiz Hasan Babu

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7EEHafiz Hasan Babu, Moinul Islam Zaber, Md. Mazder Rahman, Md. Rafiquil Islam: Implementation of Multiple-Valued Flip-Flips Using Pass Transistor Logic. DSD 2004: 603-606
6EEHafiz Hasan Babu, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Syed Mostahed Ali Chowdhury, Ahsan Raja Chowdhury: Synthesis of Full-Adder Circuit Using Reversible Logic. VLSI Design 2004: 757-760
5EEHafiz Hasan Babu, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Ahsan Raja Chowdhury, Syed Mostahed Ali Chowdhury: Reversible Logic Synthesis for Minimization of Full-Adder Circuit. DSD 2003: 50-54
4EEHafiz Hasan Babu, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Amin Ahsan Ali, Mohammad Musa Salehin Akon: A Technique for Logic Design of Voltage-Mode Pass Transistor Based Multi-Valued Multiple-Output Logic Circuits. ISMVL 2003: 111-116
3EEHafiz Hasan Babu, Tsutomu Sasao: Representations of Multiple-Output Switching Functions Using Multiple-Valued Pseudo-Kronecker Decision Diagrams. ISMVL 2000: 147-152
2EEHafiz Hasan Babu, Tsutomu Sasao: Shared Multiple-Valued Decision Diagrams for Multiple-Output Functions. ISMVL 1999: 166-172
1EEHafiz Hasan Babu, Tsutomu Sasao: Design of Multiple-Output Networks using Time Domain Multiplexing and Shared Multi-Terminal Multiple-Valued Decision Diagrams. ISMVL 1998: 45-51

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