J. P. Babary

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3EEJ. Czeczot, Mieczyslaw Metzger, J. P. Babary, M. T. Nihtilä: Filtering in adaptive control of distributed parameter bioreactors in the presence of noisy measurements. Simulation Practice and Theory 8(1-2): 39-56 (2000)
2 S. Julien, J. P. Babary, M. T. Nihtilä: On Modelling of Boundary Conditions for Fixed-Bed Bioreactors. EUROSIM 1995: 451-456
1 M. Amouroux, J. P. Babary, B. Pradin, A. Titli: Multilevel Optimal Control of Interconnected Distributed Parameter Systems. Optimization Techniques 1974: 134-146

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